Paper published in the Optical Materials Express Multimaterial and Multifunctional Optical Fibers Feature Issue


Our new paper “Analysis of nanogap-induced spectral blue-shifts of plasmons on fiber-integrated gold, silver and copper nanowires” just appeared in the Optical Materials Express feature issue for “Multimaterial and Multifunctional Optical Fibers”!

Ron Fatobene Ando did a fantastic job in performing a systematic analysis of the origin nano-gaps between the metal and the silica fiber wall, which emerge when filling the nanochannels in photonic crystal fibers and modified step-index fibers with metals. This study was performed for the two canonical plasmonic metals, silver and gold, as well as for copper. By measuring the plasmonic resonances and comparing with simulations, we can obtain an accurate estimate of the nanogap sizes, finding that  they are much smaller than one might expect – we think this effect is due to the interaction of van der Waals and contraction forces at the material interfaces. This will be particularly important for many of the future fiber-plasmonics devices we are designing.

In other news, paper “Excitation of Short-Range Surface-Plasmon Polaritons in a  Gold Nanowire Enhanced Step-Index Fiber” has been accepted as an oral contribution for CLEO Europe, which will be held during the World of Photonics Congress 2017 in the International Congress Centre (ICM Munich, Germany). It will be presented June 27, 2017 at 8.45 in the Mode control session, ROOM 13b.


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