Back from the CUDOS workshop!


Photo by Alvaro Casas Bedoya

Just returned from a week in Australia, where I had the pleasure of attending the 16th (and final!) CUDOS workshop. This was an opportunity to participate in four days of discussion in a variety of forums such as keynote addresses, research presentations, poster displays and social events from several distinguished speakers – highlights included a keynote talk from Katherine Woodthorpe, and invited talks from Shanhui Fan, Kobus Kuipers, John Sipe and  Alex Szameit, to mention a few. I presented a poster (see below) on our recent work , and met with my future colleagues at the University of Sydney Stefano Palomba, Martijn de Sterke and Guangyuan Li. The laser-tag skirmish event in the Australian bush during the record-setting heat-wave sun was as brutal an affair as one might imagine. The closing gala dinner delivered some emtional moments, as we all reflected on what made CUDOS so succesful, and the legacy it will leave: a combination of synergistic national and international collaborations, the ability to foster researchers both academically and into developing industrial partnerships and start-ups, student outreach, and contirbuting to overall excellence in photonics on a global scale, have created a truly unique research environment which will continue even after CUDOS ends, and which will serve as a model for research centers everywhere.


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