Published today in Optics Express: towards hybrid fiber plasmonic nanotips


Fresh off the press! Published today is a simple method for desigining a plasmonic directional coupler in fiber form, for delivering and collecting light on the deeply sub-wavelength scale. This device can be made quite simply by combining fiber drawing with pressure-filling techniques. Another step in the development of hybrid fibers with advanced functionality! I hope other people working on this topic will find this useful, feel free to contact me if you have any questions or would like to use the code for your own designs.

Broadband efficient directional coupling to short-range plasmons: towards hybrid fiber nanotips

Congratulations Dr. Korbinian Kaltenecker

korbi.pngLast Friday my good friend and colleague Korbinian Kaltenecker defended his PhD at the University of Freiburg. It was a longer exam than expected (one hour overtime) and ended with him getting 1.0-.1.0-1.0, making him eligible for a Summa cum laude*. He now heads off for a post-doc in Copenhagen. Congratulations, and good luck!

(Note also that his doctoral hat contains a cameo from our first paper together back in 2013, showing sub-wavelength terahertz imaging of double apertures in metamaterial fibers. What an honour!)

*Korbinian tells me he has indeed received Summa cum laude. Congratulations!

International Workshop “New Frontiers in Fiber Optics”

We had the pleasure of receiving a number of distinguished guests at IPHT Jena for the International Workshop “New Frontiers in Fiber Optics” last Friday. Ken Oh, Axel Schülzgen, Hans-Peter Loock, Nicolas Joly and Stavros Pissadakis all delivered inspiring talks on recent developments in optical fibre technology, and we had the chance to showcase some of the research we’ve been doing here at the Hybrid Fiber group – we prepared the poster below for the occasion.

Alessandro Tuniz - IPHT Workshop - final.png

New paper in Optics Letters showing integration of a gold nanowire in an optical fiber

Published today in Optics Letters is the first demonstration of a gold-nanowire enhanced step-index fiber. In this particular case we show that it can generate TE modes efficiently (we were inspired by some excellent earlier work!), and we even package it all up by splicing it to an FC-connector and connecting it to a commercial light source. We hope this is a first step towards hybrid fibers with sub-wavelength functionality at optical wavelengths which are simple to make and use.

In-fiber plasmonics using niobium thin films published in Scientific Reports

We recently published a paper in Scientific Reports presenting the first demonstration of niobium as a plasmonic material, with several advantages compared to conventional materials such as silver and gold. Optical fibers are a fantastic platform to show this. This is my first paper published in the new group at IPHT!

Ultrathin niobium nanofilms on fiber optical tapers – a new route towards low-loss hybrid plasmonic modes