Wrapping up 2022: invited talks and papers

Taking the chance to share some good news before heading for my end-of-year break. A new invited contribution was just published in the Sensors special issue  Plasmonic Optical Fiber Sensors: Technology and Applications, titled “Plasmonic Sensors beyond the Phase Matching Condition: A Simplified Approach”. Anyone working on plasmonic sensing designs in fibers and waveguides will probably find this useful, so please take a look and share it with your colleagues. We present an easy approach for device-level plasmonic sensor designs (using coupled mode theory), which only needs mode calculations (no overlap integrals!), giving meaningful information for first design steps. It also ships with code!

Paper: https://www.mdpi.com/1424-8220/22/24/9994

Code: https://github.com/tuniz/sensors

Thank you Alex Song, Giuseppe Della Valle and Martijn de Sterke for the collaboration!

Last week I also presented one invited and one contributed talk at the big AIP/ANZCOP/WSOF conference in Adelaide. It was great to finally be able to see my friends and colleagues face-to-face after many years. It felt like I was seeing three years of concentrated research in one week, happy to be a part of this new start. The plenaries were certainly a highlight. Photos below!

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