Functionalizing waveguides with 2D materials

Concept schematic of the MoS2 crystal (green) grown over a Si waveguide structure (pink) via the CVD process. Reproduced from licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

New paper published this week! Congratulations to the talented lead author Athira Kuppadakkath, a collaboration with Falk Eilenberger’s group at Fraunhofer IOF (Jena).

2D materials can be used to to functionalize optical waveguides and nanostructures, but getting the materials on there normally requires manual transfer. In this paper we showed that crystalline monolayer MoS2 can grow directly on photonic nanostructures with good quality in a scalable process, and what to pay attention to when doing so, and ensure they continue performing as you’d want.

This work emerged from a visit to Falk way back in 2019, and I clearly remember discussing the first results when COVID lockdown started! I also did some of the calculations and some follow-up experiments at the Nanoplasmonics Lab at the University of Sydney.

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