Plasmonic sensing in waveguides: a non-Hermitian perspective

New paper just published in Photonics Research! Should be useful for anyone working on sensing with plasmonic waveguides and fibers. We discuss in detail what to expect from the experimental spectra of plasmonic waveguide sensors in various regimes.

Because this is a non-Hermitian system, things can be a bit confusing. It’s quite tempting to infer everything from just mode dispersions, but sometimes the propagation constants cross, sometimes they anti-cross. So what to make of it, and how does it all affect an actual sensor? That’s what we discuss here. And the exceptional point.

I put up my “rawest” Python Notebook on github, that reproduces a few key plots, in case anyone wants to adapt it to their own sensor design.

I like to call this my “Sydney lockdown” paper – thanks to Boris Kuhlmey and Markus Schmidt for the collaboration.

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