Recent Review Papers

Just a quick update to highlight a couple of review papers that have come out in the past two months. both Open Access, so take a look!

“Shortcuts to adiabaticity (STA) in waveguide couplers – theory and implementation”, published last month in Advances in Physics: X, is a review and comparison of various STA techniques. We compared various theoretical STA treatments with full numerical simulations, concentrating on realistic two-waveguide systems which are key building blocks for photonic circuits. Adam Taras and Musawer Bajwa worked on this as part of a third year Interdisciplinary Special Project, co-supervised with Martijn de Sterke and Chris Poulton, in collaboration with Judith Dawes and Vincent Ng.

My first single-author paper, a Review article on “Nanoscale nonlinear plasmonics in photonic waveguides and circuits”, was published just yesterday in the historic journal La Rivista del Nuovo Cimento. I wrote this tutorial-style review to introduce readers to theoretical and experimental aspects of nonlinear plasmonics in the context of optical waveguides with an eye on photonic circuits. I hope it will be a useful entry point for anyone interested in a conceptual toolkit to enter this field.

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