OUR UNI-DIVERSITY: Merits and Challenges of Diversity in Academia


I am organizing this event, together with A/Prof. Ollie Jay, via the The University of Sydney Early-Mid Career Academic Network (SEMCAN). We hope to have an open and honest event to discuss several important issues regarding diversity in academia, led by Prof. Celine Boehm and Prof. Renae Ryan – so please leave some questions and comments if you have any, by clicking above.

Register here!

When: Thursday, March 14, 2019: 4-5pm (followed by drinks on a rooftop patio)

Where: Lecture Theatre 2, School of Physics, University of Sydney

Diversity stimulates inventiveness, inspires innovation, boosts productivity, and increases the overall odds of academic success.

However, some people believe policies that actively ensure diversity do not necessarily reward objective academic excellence, and in some cases even favour a less-qualified minority.

In late 2018, a notorious Italian scientist publicly proclaimed that he was the latest victim of a global anti-male agenda – and had the data to prove it.

Prof. Celine Boehm and Prof. Renae Ryan have some data of their own…

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