Removing image artefacts in wire array metamaterials


The new paper by Samiul Habib et al. from the Sydney metamaterial fibers group presents a comprehensive overview of how to remove imaging artefacts when using wire media for sub-wavelength imaging. This is particularly important for using these hyperlenses as broadband subwavelength imaging devices. Three methods are presented based on convolution, field averaging, and power averaging. A technique relying on a projection in spatial Fourier space to filter out all ordinary waves overcomes the distortions we observed in our Scientific Reports paper from last year when imaging large objects with sub-wavelength features. The images above were obtained using my Python code – contact me if you might be interested in using it!

Md. S. Habib, A. Tuniz, K. J. Kaltenecker, Q. Chateiller, I. Perrin, S. Atakaramians, S. C. Fleming, A. Argyros, and B. T. Kuhlmey, “Removing image artefacts in wire array metamaterials”, Optics Express 24, 17989-18002 (2016).

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