Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting


(photo courtesy of Filippo Caruso)

Just got back from one week at the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting. What a week! It was a unique opportunity to engage with some of the world’s best young (and older) scientists. Some of the highlights include the panel discussing the standard model (with a live video stream direct from CERN), quantum computing (it’s a long way away, but that doesn’t matter), and the Bavarian evening (music and merriment). It was also quite incredible to hear Roy Glauber talk about his times as an 18-year-old working on the Manhattan project. Stefan Hell told us about his journey to reinvigorating a century-old field with his invention of sub-diffraction far-field microscopy, and Steven Chu gave some insight into the pathways for a sustainable future. I could go on for quite a while – since every single person talking had a fascinating story to tell. Here I am holding Klaus von Klitzing’s Nobel prize. He told us this was one way to get the prize!

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